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Our purpose built Bike Service Centre is now open.

Whether you are looking for a simple Clean & Check over (we call it a Bike MOT) or a full Bespoke Build, The Cycle Agents Service Centre has got you covered.

With most service items in stock and specialist parts usually available within 48 hours, we can get you back in the saddle as quickly as possible, and in the meantime our loan and hire fleet can keep you pedalling whilst we nurture and tune your trusty steed.

Our free collection and delivery service within a 10 mile radius, using our electric van, can allow you to get on with your busy day and let us take away any inconvenience. Or chill out in our cool Bike Bar and enjoy refreshments on us!

Our fully trained and experienced mechanics have a passion for all bike brands and models, ensuring honest advice with no hard sell.


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Simon Michell

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Owner & Cycling Enthusiast

After 40 years in the prestige car industry, Simon has now included a cycling passion into his car business.

Enjoying road, gravel & mountain biking around the world, Simon wishes to help others discover the joys of cycling. His most epic ride was from London to Nice in 2015, which led to many endurance rides and local triathlons. Simon now brings the exciting Car Agents services to the bike world with unique bike ownership options and a cool new destination in Hitchin.

Alex Walker Image

Alex Walker

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Bike Bar Manager

Born and bred in Hitchin, Alex has more than 18 years experience in the cycle industry spanning all areas including mechanics, sales, servicing and maintenance.

He has a keen eye for detail, an encyclopaedic knowledge of spare parts and a huge appetite for bike stuff.

In 2021 he's joined the team at TCA, as our Bike Bar Manager and hopes to develop our business into one the best Cycle destinations in the area for Sales, Service, Hire, Tours & Membership Club.

Mark Racher Biog Pic

Mark Racher

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Bike Technician

Mark's journey started slicing through the water as an elite swimmer to conquering triathlons, his athletic journey has been a tale of passion and perseverance.

After 26 years in the fitness industry, his love for the pedals led him to helping others complete a triathlon swim better and complete their first century on the bike.

Mark is Certified as a Triathlon Coach Personal Trainer and a Strength & Conditioning Coach and is now working towards becoming a bike technician.

He's channeled his expertise over the 26 years to help beginners and professionals in selecting the best cycling equipment and sizes for every enthusiast.

Whether you're gearing up for your first time riding a bike or your hundredth race, you can have 100% trust in our collection of bikes and the services we offer.